I am a history teacher, writer, and photographer. During the summers of 2009 and 2010, wishing to inspire and educate about commitment, I cycled solo and unsupported for 149 days across 25 states, covering 6,730 miles of the North American Continent, from the Pacific to the Atlantic and from Maine to South Florida. I shared more than 18,000 majestic photographs, 250 vibrant videos, and many wholesome stories of North America with countless worldwide viewers through tourofdiscovery.com. Furthermore, I wrote a weekly column in the Sun Sentinel, and delivered a weekly segment on The Morning Show of WSFL-TV, which provided me the opportunity to enhance the online experiences which engaged, educated, and inspired young minds.

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My passion for history is intimately tied to first-hand field experiences. As a middle school student during the 1970s as I lived in Prague, Czechoslovakia, I had the unique opportunity to explore numerous historic sites under the guidance of Karel Pavek, the father of my best friend and more importantly an experienced architect and general director of the Czech government restoration project for the castles of Bohemia and Slovakia.  These invaluable experiences were life-changing as these enhanced the prized education I received at the International School of Prague at Schoenborn Palace. The constant visits to a myriad of historic places in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, France, Italy, and Spain under the guidance of my father a former diplomat, journalist, writer, and historian, helped shape for me an expanded and distinctive vision of the past and present of our world.

The iconic experiences of my early years considerably marked my adult inclinations leading me to mature into what I am today. These lead me to become a student of history, a writer, a journalist, an avid explorer, a photographer, a gentleman-farmer, a builder, and above all… an educator of young minds.